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Create An Ebook: The Benefits Of Ownership
Creating an ebook requires some work but pays of in limitless benefits. Whenever the topic of ebook creation comes into a conversation, I notice that many just don't see the need to create one or won't due to fear of spending tremendous time and creating a terrible one. I usually hear the same excuses over and over. One excuse I hear is, "I don't know how to create one. I'm a horrible writer and I don't want to pay tons of money to have someone write one for me.". Another excuse I hear is, "Why would I create my own ebook when I can just promote someone else's." It's obvious that the benefits of creating and owning an ebook isn't widely known. For me creating and owning an ebook has three major benefits. One major benefit is that you have complete master control of the ebook, whether if you decide to sell it or give it away, add a chapter or take out some information. The second major benefit is affiliates. Now that you have your own product, you can start to acquire affiliates that will promote your ebook. The third major benefit is branding of your name. Whatever the topic of your ebook is on you will be seen as an expert in that niche.

Complete Master Control
The word "ownership" is an extremely powerful word. When you own an ebook you can do whatever you want with it. From the title to of the to the price you are in complete master control.

The utilization of affiliates is a extraordinary opportunity to get your ebook exposed and recognized. If you don't have your own product, it is impossible to use affiliates, providing that you don't go the private label rights route. However, private label rights are overused and owned by many people. When you create an ebook for yourself you are the sole owner. If you decide to sell your ebook you can open an in house affiliate program or add your ebook to an affiliate directory such as Clickbank and

Creating an ebook gives you an opportunity to brand yourself. In other words you can establish yourself as an expert in whatever topic your ebook is on. So if you are able to build a list of people who find you ebook to be extraordinary, any ebook you release at a later date will be an instant hit to the loyal. You can be a celebrity and a respected teacher.
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